There is a lot of talk of giants and trolls on Dingleberry, there are also some very curious animals and creatures (yes, they talk)…

Copycat turtles - Funny kids book

Copycat Turtles

Another creature that’s only found on Dingleberry. Yes you’ve guessed it, these turtles are like Parrots, but instead of copying what you say, they attempt to copy every move you make too. It’s an incredible sight to see when 1000s of choreographed turtles are having fun on the beach. They have been warned many times thought – Not to copy Binks, he gets them into trouble!

Yawny Opera Fish

Yawny Opera Fish

These fish are indigenous to Dingleberry and they are usually found in pairs. When they are alone, they sing to the top of their gills to attract their ideal partner in marine crime. Evolutionists say that these fish are the ancestors of Pirates. The Dingleberries think they’re too loud and a pain in the bum during mating season.

Tony the Flipping Frog - Funny Kids Book

Tony the Flipping Frog

Tony is a normal frog you’d find next to a pond. The problem is he thinks he’s a turtle, and the only Turtles on Dingleberry are Copycat Turtles. It’s a little confusing seeing Tony hanging around Copycat Turtles, as you never really know who is copying who. The Elder Copycat Turtle recently banned Tony from their beach events, as Turtles cannot jump very well – it makes for an embarrassing display of Copycat turtle Choreography.

Quacky Wowdoo - Funny Kids Book

Quacky Wowdoo

These strange birds are only found in once place in the whole of Dingleberry. They have tiny wings and legs. The result of this is that it takes them ages to get anywhere, so they just dig holes with their beaks and watch the world go by most of the time. They seem to know a lot about the weather when asked.

Dingleberry Unicorns - Funny Kids Book

Dingleberry Unicorns

These Unicorns are the rarest in the whole-wide Universe. Why? They are the only ones that have golden manes and horns – yes, they’re real gold. There is one small family of them on Dingleberry. Gronks feeds them apples and considers them to be his friends.