Binks’s family is very important to him. Why don’t you read about them here?

Binks - Funny Kids Book


Cheeky. Kind. Witty. Extremely talented inventor. He also loves Maths, which is rare for Humans. He fits well into Dingleberry, as he knows a craft and sticks to it to help the community – this is making toys for the children. He also makes toys for the big people upon request too. Binks is a wanderer at heart, he has explored every inch of Dingleberry and knows a fair amount of the island’s secrets. He misses his dad most of all – he always thinks up new ways to try to find him out there in the ocean.

Baby Blinny - Funny Kids Book

Baby Blinny

Bliny is Binks’s little baby sister. Grots, her mum, was washed ashore pregnant with Blinny. She was a pain just as much inside her mummy as outside. Binks hasn’t ever experienced something so noisy in all his life. But he does love his sister and he cannot wait until she’s old enough to play outside with him!

Mummy Grots - Funny Kids Book

Mummy Grots

Grots is Binks’s mum. She was washed up along with Binks on the island of Dingleberry. She spends a lot of her time doing the islanders makeup and hair. When she isn’t doing this, she is doing her own makeup and hair. She loves sugary tea and lots of chocolate.

Granny Grinky - Funny Kids Book

Granny Grinky

Stone deaf in one ear from too much ear wax. She likes to talkā€¦ endlessly. She is also amazing at sewing, so much so, that she deals with most sewing jobs for people on the island – can you imagine the types of things a giant might ask her to fix? She is the same species of giant as Gronky and they live for upto 10,000 years. They are unique to the island, it’s said they come from over the ice wall – the end of the world.

Grandad Gronky

He smells bad, really, really, ultra bad. He’s sometimes rude to people, not animals though. The endless supply of dead skin and various organic matter from his body is in constant need of attentionā€¦ with his fingers. If you look through the book, Why Do Babies Get All the Attention?, you’ll see the various bits and bobs he accumulates on his fingers. Peppermint tea is his energy source. It’s rumoured when he gets too lazy and doesn’t wash for weeks, mushrooms start growing on his back.

Which Doctor - Funny Kids Book

Which Doctor

Looking in on Dingleberry, you might find this doctor to be out of place – you’re right. He’s the resident lunatic of the truest sense and he’s Binks’s Uncle. He worships the moon and finds his power from the mastery of Alchemy. He possesses the power of teleportation, as well as materialising any object from other realms into his own. He says the way to any Dinglebries heart is through their belly. He’s a walking sweaty vending machine and you don’t need to give him any of your pocket money. He simply asks, “Which for you?” He has a soft spot for Binks and sometimes helps Binks out of sticky situations when venturing out on Dingleberry.