Binks thinks it is important to know where you are in life and the Universe…

Universe: Itself

Binks is that the centre of the Universe. The Universe is what makes up Binks’s reality and subconscious. Everything, revolves around him. This isn’t unusual on Dingleberry, every child is at the epicentre of their own Universe all the time. When so many universes collide it can become problematic for adults to understand, as they’ve forgotten the magic of being a child. Adults created this thing called schools where they attempt to normalise children to their own Universe, the real one (or so they believe). Binks firmly believes that this is an attempt for mums and dads to spoil kids fun.

Mother Nature

This is the world. Yes it’s flat. This is confirmed by the giants that live there, and also Grinky and Gronky who came from another realm. To get to Mother Nature, they had to venture across the finger of Falondeep, then find their way over a giant thumb crater without being squashed by the godly thumb. When all that was done, they used their special Dome Cutter to pierce into Mother Nature’s dome. Gronky sometimes says, ‘just because your eyeballs and Jupiter is round it doesn’t mean Mother Nature is too.’ Apparently, they’re not allowed to say where we came from, it’s Grinshaw’s Law. There’s been a lot of debate about this of late on Dingleberry, but everyone keeps point out, ‘everything is flat and water isn’t round. Bubbles are round. Ask the Flies of Moricondoo, they believe the world is made up of tiny hexagons.’


This is Dingleberry. An ancient town in an ancient far off realm.

Binks’s home

Granny Grinky and Grandad Gronky were given a piece of land over 1000 years ago in the middle of Shearidon Forest. They built a cabin on the land and did nothing more to it. Gronky couldn’t bring himself to chopping down too many trees, so he just built stuff they needed in and around clearings. In the short time Binks has been with them, he has made many improvements on the cabin including making it fit Binks and Grots!