Are you curious to find out more about the Universe: Itself? Here’s some stuff mostly found on Dingleberry…

Wall TV - Funny Kids Book

Wall TV

An invention by Grandad Gronky. If you live on Dingleberry and you’re interested in one of these. Gronky will install one for you. He recommends that it needs to be on a wall where something interesting is outside (it might get a bit boring watching a brick wall!).

Pop up waterfall - Funny Kids Book

Pop up waterfall

An invention by Binks. If you’re looking for inner peace with the sound of trickling water, then this design is for you. All you need are cabbage or Jungle leaves, along with lots of string and sticks. Try making one the next time you’re in the woods.

Garden waterfall with 8kW free energy production

Garden waterfall with 8kW free energy

An invention by Binks. This sophisticated waterfall design uses natural force and motion from water to produce electricity using a free energy Rodin Coil. It also serves as a soothing white noise sound to help babies stay calm and sleep when they’re supposed to.

Grinky’s sewing mess - Funny Kids Book

Grinky’s sewing mess

How many times does Gronky have to trip up or end up trapped inside a tonne of wool before Grinky starts to clean up after herself? Gronky finds it hard to complain though, as she is the only one who will mend the holes in his smelly pants.

Peppermint tea mug - Funny Kids Book

Peppermint tea mug

This is the infamous peppermint tea mug that dates back over 1000 years on Dingleberry. Gronky was awarded this mug when we became an official islander.

Toy shop magazine - Funny Kids Book

Toy shop magazine

This is Binks’s most prized possession. It is a primary source of his inspiration when he builds a new toy. He sells and trades the toys he makes for other children on the island. He remembers a special toy jeep his dad once got him for Christmas that’s in this very magazine. How many times can you spot his magazine?

Cups of tea & piles of sugar - Funny Kids Book

Cups of tea & piles of sugar

Binks’s mum, Grots, loves sugary tea. In fact she just loves drinking tea day and night. It’s everywhere she goes, as she never knows when she needs to make her tea just right. How many piles of sugar can you spot throughout the book, Why Do Babies Get All the Attention?

Grot’s Pendant

This is Grot’s prized possession, as it holds the only picture of her husband’s face, Binks’s father. As you can learn from the book, Why Do Babies Get All the Attention?, they were parted at sea, but Binks’s dad promised he would find them.

Old mouldy toilet

Things like this are found laying around Binks’s home. Gronky has got a bit lazy of late, so junk is building up and up and some is getting really gunky and old… like this toilet. What ever could that stuff be that’s coming out of the toilet?

Bottles of Q and X

Binks calls this stuff his magical paint that nobody else is allowed to touch under strict agreement with Dingleberry’s resident Troll who lives under the ancient bridge that seems to lead to somewhere that’s now under the sea. Apparently the Troll doesn’t have a name and the weird thing is that people think he’s been living there since his city was lost to the sea – a very very long time ago.

Giant old lock

Have you noticed that Grinky and Gronky are much bigger than Grots and Binks, and you see things that seem huge next to Binks? It’s not because Grots and Binks are small, they’re very average-sized Humans. Many of the islanders are giants. There are some that are much bigger than others too, but they like to hide from people because they’re embarrassed about the fact they’re so enormous.

Magic Choc Box

These delightful chocolates are made by Mrs Percible, the resident lawyer. This strange combination of skills seems to work, as her normal everyday work is so boring that everyone thinks if she actually made chocolates for a living they’d be as boring as her job. Look out for the special fortune chocolates – these are like fortune cookies. She is brilliant at looking into her crystal ball and bringing good fortune to people both with her law skills and chocolates!