E-Book Edition: Why Do Babies Get All the Attention?


Welcome to Dingleberry – a far-away island full of funny characters, fantasy and mystery – and home to the ingenious toymaker and inventor Binks, his mum Grots, and Blinny, his little sister who cries and cries and cries.

In this future classic bedtime story, Why Do Babies Get All the Attention? author David Hollinshead tells the tale of young Binks and his pregnant mum washed up on a distant shore and what happens when they meet fellow refugees Granny Grinky and icky Grandad Gronky. Together, they create a new family away from the rest of the world, a scruffy rag-tag bunch of personalities that rub along together like the best families do.

In this unique and funny picture book for curious children, brilliantly illustrated by acclaimed artist Ned Pamphilon, Binks’ embarks on a noisy and most puzzling adventure: To stop his baby sister crying!

This warm, witty, humorous, weird and wonderful book addresses curiosity about the world from the safety of a family perspective. This funny kid’s book is just as great for a 4-year-old to look through, as it is a great book for a first-grader, 7 or 8-year-old to learn how to be creative, how to avoid the pitfalls of sibling rivalry; and think more critically around adult mayhem.

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